the bourgeois project

what’s a bourgeois project?

lightbulb art by kelly malonelightbulb art by kelly malone

‘the bourgeois project’ is a collection of events, lists, people and companies tied together by a single goal. to inspire, educate and uplift the creative community.

so what makes an ordinary event a ‘bourgeois project?’

every project is produced to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. here are a few simple ways we reduce waste…

1. we use minimal paper products to promote our events. this means placing value on our hand bills. if you bring in one of our promotional items, you will receive $$$ off your ticket price. then we recycle your flyer.

2. provide separate recycling, trash and compost bins for our guests. it’s difficult to control how a venue runs their bar, especially if they use plastic drink cups but we can provide an appropriate place to throw them away. next time you find yourself enjoying a bourgeois show take a look around and find your recycling bin.

3. we don’t use decorations such as paper streamers or balloons. no reason to fill our landfills with left over party decorations only used for one night.

4. our merch is 100% echo-friendly. we only deal with designers and manufacturers of eco friendly merchandise who engage entirely in fair trade practices. this means, we support local artists and feature them at our merch table.

our goal is to grow a strong community with every event we do and we want to engage and empower those who participate…

1. transparency. while many production companies conceal what they know, we happily share and offer advice to anyone who asks. our artists are granted access to show financials and we publish our research and lists.

it’s a high priority to give something back with every event we produce. from highlighting causes in the pages of ‘bourgeois magazine’ to feeding 1500 hungry san franciscans with ‘urban feed’ to providing ‘the chop shop’ free of charge to donating raffle proceeds to ‘leadership palo alto.’ we find a way to include a charitable element to everything we do.

it wouldn’t be a bourgeois project if we couldn’t dance! we always have a musical element to everything we do. if it’s not a live music show, you’d better believe the entertainment is going to be local and independent. we support our music community every way we can.


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