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Lauren Verby website

“Sometimes we come upon photographs where the barrier between subject and photographer is absent: a sense of nakedness, if you will, where an artist enters and captures a scene before a person has a moment to react. Her black and white shots particularly natural and her photographs of color bright yet unassuming, young photographer Lauren Verby is building a collection of work suggesting a desire to seize moments at once quiet yet revealing. Her shots of friends—in parks, streets, and bars of San Francisco, for example—strive to reflect both the attractive and the mundane and, perhaps, her perspective of the world without filters. Shots within various neighborhoods of her city—the countless signs, intersections, and buildings she strolls past daily—expose her admiration for San Francisco as it is, without glorification or exaggeration. Citing artistic influences of Anton Corbijn, Terry Richardson, and Ellen von Unwerth, Verby is attracted to both the inner and exterior beauty of the human form, and her passion for her art mirrors her dynamic personality and often bold social presence. Born in 1980 in San Mateo, California, Verby was raised on the San Francisco Peninsula and currently resides in the Mission District of San Francisco.”–Cheri Lucas

Kelly Nicolaisen website

From behind her camera, Kelly Nicolaisen breathes life into still images by exploring everyday scenes through her unique perspective. The vibrant color palette of her portfolio reveals her fun loving personality and humorous outlook on life. Inspirations derive from her love of music, color, space and design with everything fitting into a little world that she imagines. While you will always see people in each of her works, Kelly uses these figures as supporting actors that are skillfully woven into spacious and dramatic horizons. She creates a sense of irony and humor by reversing the usual gestalt expectation that the figure is always the foreground. Kelly holds a BA in photography from The Academy Of Art University San Francisco and an associates degree in marketing and advertising. She currently lives and works in San Francisco. Nicolaisen also co-owns Ruby Bird Studios which is based in San Francisco and New York.

Miles Cole website
Miles Cole is a San Francisco photographer who isn’t a huge fan of the classic ‘bio,’ but all you really need to know is this… he is awesome. Applying his degree in photography, Miles easily captures beauty from the mundane to the wild. Lucky for us, this also includes shooting the hard swig of a rock ‘n roll show. Bourgeois loves artists like Miles because there is a talent and trust in his ability to really see what lives when no one is looking and in the same breath, deliver the elegance of the obvious. He makes you wish you had been there to get a glance through his lens of a handwritten sign or discarded scarf. Simply put, you can turn over a room to Miles and he knows how to bring out the beauty of its contents- whatever they may be.

Elizabeth Simon website

Elizabeth Simon is a professional weirdo. Her photography hopes to portray her life and experiences in San Francisco, a city driven by music, art, landscape, lifestyle and architecture. In 2002, she created Bourgeois Magazine. An underground music magazine presenting local and mainstream music under equal light. She is the Founder of The Bourgeois Project, a collection of musical and social projects combining the arts and philanthropy. Including Urban Feed, a grassroots movement propelled by the hungry to feed the hungry. The Chop Shop, an open audition for musicians and live music shows with Bourgeois Productions. She is a concert organizer for a national production company and is currently performing music from her debut musical effort, ‘Accusations, Assumptions and Outburst.’ In her spare time she hangs out in the Panhandle and tries to think of new ways to freak you out. So far, it’s going well…


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