the bourgeois project

donate & sponsor

not only does the bourgeois project gladly accept all donations, but NEEDS them to keep projects like urban feed and the chop shop running. if you would like to help us with our efforts please consider the following options:

become an angel investor
the bourgeois project is the perfect effort to back for several reasons. we offer our projects for free to whoever may need them. we are focused on supporting the local community and dedicate ourselves to supporting the arts. our ideas are creative, unique and spark grassroots enthusiasm. we would love the opportunity to do what we love for a living and bring our vision to a larger audience.

small donations
if you are inspired to contribute on any level, we are most thankful and hope to have made it as easy as possible. our PAYPAL account happily awaits you… $.70 feeds 1 homeless and hungry san franciscan a homemade meal. $1 more will provide them with a copy of the urban feed list and the san francisco resource guide to help them find solutions to their situation.

fund a future bourgeois project
there are some brilliant future bourgeois projects in the works that need a full band of directors backing them. if you like what you see so far and are interested in hearing more, give us a shout and let us know what you think we should do next.

donate food
we are always looking for food donations for urban feed. if you have enough for 100 of any item, we will get creative and find a way to make a meal around it. some past meals have been a bbq cookout, homemade soups and bagged lunches. we also do fruit and blanket drops.

become a ‘bourgeois productions presents’ show sponsor
hey, do you need to find new ways to promote your business to the local music market? consider jumping on as a show sponsor. we love anyone music related and will promote your services alongside our musical artists.


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