the bourgeois project


what are we without friends? the following are links to some rad folks who like to do rad stuff. go to their shows, like them of facebook, buy stuff at their shops and introduce yourself while you’re at it. now they’re your friends too!

if you want to be featured on the bourgeois project’s friends page, just let us know and we’ll get our introduction on…

*the bay bridged
the bay bridged is a san francisco bay area indie music site dedicated to educating and promoting local artists. just go to the site, it will be a part of your life and you’ll get excited when you read about everything they do for our city.

*the bottom of the hill
okay, for one of the city’s most famous venues to ALSO be one of the city’s most helpful venues is simply mind blowing. if you are ever lucky enough to play the bottom of the hill, you will feel cool for the rest of your life but if you don’t get a shot at it, no worries… you can still walk away with some of the best advice from one of the best bookers san francisco has ever seen. most of you know her as just ‘ramona.’ do yourselves a HUGE favor and read everything on the BOOKING page. you’ll be a better band wherever you play, forever.

*the hotel utah open-mic
ok. if you ever wonder “where is the san francisco singer/songwriter community?” the answer is… at the hotel utah’s monday night open-mic. just go. sign-up at 7:30pm. get yourself a beer poured by the nicest bartenders in the business. find a seat under the ship, yes THE SHIP. gaze at the lovely mermaid hung above the stage, yes THE MERMAID. and wait for your mind to be blown. it’s a nice feeling. PLUS, you get a live recording of your performance. so, basically… no cons. do it.

*nadine condon
it’s hard to describe who nadine condon is. basically, she’s known as ‘the godmother of rock.’ her music mentoring is world class, her famed ‘wild weekend‘ tuned the entire city of san francisco upside down for many many years and now she rocks it in a completely different way… providing hospice in arizona. if you need someone who knows it all to help you with your next step, she continues to provide her mentoring services, just give her a holler.

*swankety swank
swankety swank is one of the most interesting local shops i’ve ever come across. each item for sale is hand selected by owner/artist yabette alfaro. in her own words, “I started Swankety Swank because I wanted to connect conscious consumers to talented local artists and designers.” to which i say “YES!” and so should you if you happen to be strolling down divisadero street. check out the artists she features.

*the half mile
okay, the half mile is a website filled with great information like, lists with links to record labels, radio stations, music venues, recording studios and so much more. i love it because it’s straight forward and easy to use. check it out. if you are an artist,email them to find out how to get your band link on there.

*women’s audio mission
women’s audio mission is a san francisco non-profit dedicated to the the advancement of women in the recording arts. they offer classes, workshops and an online membership community all to train and set you up with jobs in the sound industry.

*the bold italic
the bold italic is everything you want from an online magazine. it makes you cooler just by reading it. the bold italic is sincerely interested in san francisco from top to bottom. go there to smile, to laugh, to find out what to do while you are here and get to know the locals. they are a rad people…

*shelley champine
local music vibe is a website created by shelley and her husband dave that allows artists and venues to promote their shows directly to fans. so if you are a working musician, get yourself on there so people can find you and come to your show! also, this is a fantastic site to keep in touch with what’s happening with local music.

*kc turner
kc does a bunch of cool stuff from hosting the red devil lounge’s open-mic to house concerts to taking over the apple store with shows featuring local artists.

*jocelyn kane
jocelyn has been one of san francisco’s finest music community leaders for a while. she runs motogirl productions, is the executive director of the san francisco entertainment commission and offers her wisdom and support at speaking gigs everywhere.

*bridget canfield
if you are a musician, bridget will eventually take a photo of you and you will LOVE it. not only will you LOVE it, but when you go to check it out on her photo site 200 pockets you will find a goldmine of resources for artists.

*roem baur
roem is a local artist, the host of sunday night mic and puts on house concerts. subscribe to his blog, it’s a pretty rad idea to have an open-mic in a church. acoustics galore…

workshop is a diy haven. offering the creative beast in all of us a place to gather and learn how to make stuff. check out their classes and sign-up for one before it sells out. it happens pretty fast.

studionico’s screen printed designs are everywhere. from ‘good grammar is sexy’ to ‘i [beard] sf.’ nicole schwieterman offers several different items on her etsy page. notebooks, totes, clothing and stationary.


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